We desire to see our congregation connecting on three levels.

The UPWARD Connection: With Jesus

First and foremost, we are called to live in a daily, personal faith relationship with Jesus. Without Jesus, our lives would have no meaning or purpose. But because of his sovereign grace, we can put our trust in his forgiving love and providential care each day. This upward connection is expressed corporately in the weekly worship gatherings of the church.

The INWARD Connection: With Each Other

Believers in a local church are called to live in meaningful relationships with each other because of their common bond of Grace. This requires genuine humility to admit our weakness and need for the spiritual arms of others. It also requires genuine love and commitment to bear each other’s burdens as we face life’s difficulties together, rather than alone. God’s purpose is to form one people, no longer separated by race, gender, nationality, or economic standing. Instead we are to become a dependant community of Grace, serving Jesus and each other.

The OUTWARD Connection: With Our Neighbor

Believers, collectively and individually, are called to introduce people to Jesus and his grace. Rather than being a spiritual fortress, the church is called to live out the gospel “out there” in the community and workplace, in order to spread the kingdom. We do this by loving our neighbor in meaningful ways, serving our local community, and by seeking to do good to all. Our hope is to demonstrate that Jesus is risen and alive, and that new life and hope can only be found in connection with him.

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