There is hope for growth

We believe that spiritual growth and change is possible because of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives. It is the Father’s pleasure to see the image of his Son renewed and taking shape in the lives of his people and church, however dimly that may be seen. Spiritual growth is mysterious and immeasurable, but over time we believe the Spirit brings various levels of transformation to his people as they walk in faith. We confess that our spiritual growth never endears us more to God, nor is our growth ever completed in this life.

There are tools for growth

The central tool for spiritual transformation is God’s Word. Accompanied by the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures impart to believers truth, hope, promise, correction, comfort, and new perspective. We believe that centrality of the Word and Spirit in worship leads to transformation.

God also uses the providential circumstance of life, such as suffering, calamity, conflict, even our sin, to work his growth in us. But even here his Word is present in a variety of ways.

God also uses other people in our lives to help us grow, which is why connection with each other is so vital. Who of us can grow all alone or in a vacuum? We believe involvement in a small group is one of the best opportunities for growth, as it connects people with people in the context of the Word and Prayer.

The Church’s role

As a church we are called to be stewards of God’s Word, offering it in a variety of settings so that our congregation can grow in wisdom, knowledge, faith, mercy, and love. Some examples of these settings would be Sunday Worship, Small Groups, Education Classes for children or adults, Youth Ministry, Special Needs Ministry, or Awana.

We also believe that people grow as they serve, whether that is in the organized ministries listed above, or through personal opportunities within the local community, or participation in short-term mission trips.


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