The Need

Our world is filled with brokenness and alienation, and believers bring their own brokenness and alienation into the church. But God’s grace calls us and enables us to serve one another in love, even though we too are a weak people.

The Vision

God’s vision for his people is to become a serving presence within this broken world. He calls us out of darkness to be a “kingdom of priests” who minister, on his behalf and in his name, within the Church and the World, whether to believers or unbelievers. This allows his Grace and Kingdom to flow into the lives of others.

The How and Why

Christ has gifted both believers and unbelievers with amazing abilities unique to each person. Believers are called to respond to grace by using our God-given talents to serve a new master, Jesus, rather than ourselves. Central to serving is faith, trusting that God can use the “broken but redeemed” to accomplish his purposes. While we use our gifts, we need to trust in the Giver, not the gifts alone. We are also called to serve in love and compassion, because we are the recipients of God’s undeserved love and compassion. We serve others in love, not so God will love us, but because he has already set his love on us in such generous ways.

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