Women's Minstry

The Women’s Ministries of Reformed Presbyterian Church exists to be a stream of God’s refreshing grace for women from all walks of life. It is our purpose to allow this stream to penetrate our lives and empower our ministry so that we might be changed women in whom God’s grace prospers and abounds. (John 15; Galatians 3:3)


It is our purpose to allow this stream to flow out of our lives and ministry into all our relationships so that our friends and community might see, taste, and experience the Father's healing grace. (Psalms 36:8-9; John 7:38)


With every event, program (short and long term), study, course, series, that we organize we will ask these questions:


  • What do we want to do? (vision)
  • Why do we want to do it? (value)
  • How will we accomplish it? (strategy)

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