COVID-19 Safety

Keeping you safe during COVID-19

We are committed to keeping our congregation safe during COVID-19.  Here are some of the ways we are protecting you during our Sunday services:

  • Masks required throughtout our service, including during singing
  • Church throughly santized before and after the service
  • Services are "no-touch" (no  hymnals, bulletins, etc.)
  • Offering plates are located in the back of the sanctuary
  • No coffee or snacks are being served
  • All doors propped open or attended
  • Seating reduced and spread throughout in small clusters
  • Service will be shorter with less singing
  • Fellowship encouraged following the service outside


Please call our church office with any further questions 717-733-0462.


We continue pray for our community, local & national goverment during this pandemic and wish you all good health and safety as we go through this together.