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2017 Adult Sunday School Schedule

CAFE 2017 - Answering Islam

Our CAFE class begins on September 10th. The topic this year is "Answering Islam".

We will spend the first six (6) weeks looking at the tenants of Islam.

We will spend the next four (4) weeks answering some of Islam’s major criticisms of Christianity:  the Bible,  the Deity of Christ,  the Trinity,  and “the way of salvation."

Things will be a little different this year as we will be welcoming several special guests.


  • September 17th, Stephen and Susan Beck will be with us to talk about their work with refugees and immigrants in Greece and Germany.
  • October 15th, our guest will be a man who grew as a Muslim in North Africa.
  • December, Anees Zaka will be with us for three (3) Sundays.  Anees is the founder and directory of Church without Walls and has been ministering to Muslims for over thirty (30) years.  Anees will teach us about Muhammad, the Qur’an, and Jesus.


We will close this year’s CAFE class with David and Rachel Vos as they share with us their experiences working with Muslims in the south of France.

Please join us as we learn about a religion and worldview that 20% of our world follows - and, as we learn more about our faith and are prepared to answer Islam.


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