Presbyterian Church
of Ephrata, PCA


Core Value: Worship

The glory of God is our center. In worship we gather to adore and celebrate Jesus Christ, our living King. He is the primary audience who promises to gather with his people to receive their praise, thanksgiving, repentance, and devotion.

This is why we endeavor to offer a kind of worship that is fitting for an all-powerful, risen King: majestic, earnest, sincere, and joyful.

Strategy for Ministry: Worship

RPC is committed to worship that is God-centered, Christ-exalting, and Word-focused. Thus we strive for worship that encourages awe and reverence, joy and intimacy. Reverence and awe do not exclude the expression of joy and emotion. True worship will engage the whole person, mind and emotions, resulting in renewed passion for Christ. We express our connection to the past and our relation to the present through musical diversity and the use of historic creeds and confessions.

Rationale for Music Ministry

  • God is the source of beauty and truth
  • God has created us in His image for His glory
  • As image bearers, we have been gifted with both the need and the ability for creativity
  • When we express beauty and truth, our creativity gives glory to God
  • We seek to give glory to God in worship by expressing our creativity through music ministry


Choir at RPC meets for rehearsals biweekly on Thursday evenings, singing for our services 1-2 times per month. This mixed voice choir is comprised of adults and youth, regardless of singing experience. Anyone who wishes to sing praise and give glory to the Lord is welcome!